Our guide to great stuff online #4

As the views climb for Suspect Moustache and Traffic Jam the Musical, creators Ariel Waymouth and Shae-Lee Shackleford share their favourite YouTubers.

What do Australia’s first animated sketch show and a musical about road rage have in common? They’re both new Australian web series from producer Ariel Waymouth and sketch comedy trio, SketchShe respectively. These guys are no strangers to the world of YouTube, and as Suspect Moustache and Traffic Jam The Musical climb in views, Waymouth and SketchShe’s Shae-Lee Shackleford share a couple of their favourite YouTubers with us.

Shae-Lee looks at Liza Kochy’s channel on a daily basis. “Liza embodies everything we love. She’s very self-deprecating, very funny and she doesn’t care how she looks,” Shae-Lee says. With up to three million views, nothing is off limits: from stealing to dispelling myths.

“I personally love Wizards of Aus,” Ariel says, “It’s so great!” YouTuber Timtimfed’s first narrative web series, Wizards of Aus debuted on SBS2 (just like Suspect Moustache!) and is now available in its entirety on YouTube. It’s the fish out of water tale of a wizard who immigrates to the mortal realm.

Shae-Lee says that Logan Paul is another YouTuber out of the States doing some amazing stuff. With anywhere from half a million to two and a half million views, Logan explores topics like if horror movies were realistic, what would happen if you won the lottery, and more:

Ariel nominates Aussie web series How to Talk Australians as an example of a web series that has done really well and gets shared so many times. For the uninitiated, this series follows a group of Indian students as they learn Australian at call centre training college.

We’ve written about Aussie web series Fragments of Friday before, but Shae-Lee says she loves it because it’s a female-driven narrative comedy. “I’ve met Kacie Anning and talked to her about performing and directing and how you do it,” Shae-Lee says. “Kacie was like, ‘stay hydrated’.”