Aussie actors in Hollywood

By 30 September 2015Just for fun, World Stage

You might have seen these talented actors in your favourite US TV shows without realising that they are in fact, home-grown. We’re taking a look at some of the Aussies popping up in US drama all over the place.

Yael Stone

Sydney-born Yael graduated from NIDA and starred in a number of Australian TV shows like All Saints and Spirited, before taking on the role of perennially red-lipped, hopeless romantic Lorna Morello in the cult Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Much like Margot Robbie did in The Wolf of Wall Street, Yael nailed the Brooklyn/Boston hybrid accent so convincingly, many are surprised to find out that she is in fact Australian. Stone has been a series regular on the first three seasons, with the fourth set for release in 2016.

Watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix, Quickflix or iTunes. Watch Spirited on iTunes or Google Play.

Bojana Novakovic

Serbia-born Bojana moved to Australia as a child and also graduated from NIDA. You might have seen her in local films Burning Man, Not Suitable For Children, Charlie’s Country and The Little Death, or ABC series Rake. Novakovic has also been working the US and recently starred on the hit Showtime drama Shameless, a remake of the original UK show, where she played the main character Will Gallagher’s love interest, Bianca in season 5.

Watch Not Suitable for Children on Quickflix or iTunes. Watch Charlie’s Country on Quickflix or Google Play. See The Little Death on Quickflix or Google Play.

Josh Lawson

Speaking of The Little Death, its writer and director, Queensland-born Josh Lawson is himself a well-known actor who has starred in all four seasons of the Showtime drama House of Lies as Doug Guggenheim. You would already know Lawson from his prolific acting career in Aussie TV shows like Home and Away, Blue Heelers, Sea Patrol and The Librarians, as well as films Any Questions for Ben?, The Campaign and Anchorman 2: the Legend Continues.

The Little Death is on Quickflix and Google Play. Catch Sea Patrol on iTunes. Watch Any Questions for Ben? on iTunes. The Campaign is on Stan, iTunes ad Google Play. Anchorman 2 is on iTunes and Google Play.


Clare Bowen

Clare Bowen grew up in and around the Sydney and Wollongong region, making a foray into the acting world with small roles in local productions like Home and Away, All Saints and Not Suitable For Children before scoring one of the lead roles in ABC country drama Nashville as the talented but shy singer/songwriter Scarlett O’Connor.

Catch Nashville on iTunes. Not Suitable for Children is on Quickflix and iTunes.

Aisha Dee

Aisha Dee’s breakout role on The Saddle Club paved the way for the young Gold Coast-born actress to secure roles in the US sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter as MacKenzie, and in the ABC drama Chasing Life as Beth Kingston, the Australian-born best friend of cancer-stricken April Carve

Matt Passmore

Queensland-born Matthew Passmore started out in Aussie TV shows like Blue Heelers, McLeod’s Daughters and Underbelly before finding success in the US TV industry.  He played the lead role of Jim Longworth in all four season of crime drama The Glades and is currently gracing US TV screens in the title role of Neil Truman in Satisfaction.

McLeod’s Daughters is on Stan and iTunes. Underbelly is available at Stan and iTunes. The Glades is on Google Play.

Maia Mitchell

Talented singer and actress Maia Mitchell was born in Lismore, NSW and made her TV debut in Australian TV series Mortified where she played lead Brittany Flune and even won an AFI award for Best Children’s TV Series. She followed this up with roles in local teen series Trapped and Castaway and Disney comedy Jessie, before taking on the role of Callie Jacob in ABC family drama The Fosters.

Mortified can be found on Netflix.