Our guide to great stuff online #2

Sick of cat videos? From baking to puppets and dating, here’s part 2 of our guide to what you should be watching online.

Real-life horrific online dating experiences are acted out by a bunch of furry, fantastic puppets in this clever hit series created by Emma Watts, a TV producer who has worked on The Voice, MasterChef and more. And the best is yet to come. A worldwide call-out was made for material for Season 2, called No Strings Attached, which will air on ABC iview later this year.

Gretel Killeen co-wrote and stars in this political satire which turns gender roles on their heads by playing Australia’s first Minister for Men. Co-written and directed by Kacie Anning, who also made Fragments of Friday (which appeared in our last guide to stuff online), it was funded by Ideas at the House, ahead of its All About Women Festival last year at Sydney Opera House.

Food scientist and dietician Ann Reardon gives aspiring at-home bakers her guides to making sumptuous desserts and sweet treats, without the niche tools. Packed with tips, the series is shaped by Reardon’s own life and childhood, which naturally inspires many of her creations. In addition to one-off videos is Reardon’s The Sweetest Thing series, which was funded in Screen Australia’s Multiplatform program. It features famous and show-stopping sweets made with the help of chefs as crazy about desserts as she is.

In this web series, starring Sarah Bishop (Skit Box, Activewear) and Paul Michael Ayre, two old friends navigate an awkward sexual encounter. Its synopsis is pretty self-explanatory: “Two friends, one weekend and the Worst. Sex. EVER”. Expect LOLs. Co-created by Claire Phillips, Tom Keele, Ben Matthews and Jon Dalgaard, it made it into ABC and Screen Australia’s Fresh Blood pilot season.

Your 20s are meant to be the best years of your life – right? In this Melbourne-made series, four underachieving housemates are navigating these so-called golden years, to great (off-camera) success. Co-created and written by Ash Mortimer and Mar Borboa (who also co-directs), The Happiness Curve was a 2016 LA Web Fest finalist in three categories, including Best Comedy Series, Best Writing and Best Ensemble Cast.